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Skills & Accomplishments

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As a Creative Team player I am able to:

  • Analyze project and workload levels to determine appropriate staffing levels or vendor support needs
  • Critique, guide, and inspire the work of other Creative Team members in video, 3D graphics, visual merchandising and signage, print, digital, social media, and email tactics
  • Regularly review and coach team members to ensure they develop in their position and actively contributes to a culture of creative excellence
  • Develop workflows to ensure projects are delivered on time without stifling the creative process
  • Produce on-strategy, thoughtful solutions either independently or as part of a team
  • Lead multifaceted campaign concepts
  • Remain current on industry trends and techniques and communicate those to other team members
  • Dynamically and confidently present concepts to clients and/or internal team staff 
  • Engage team members in productive ideation sessions 
  • Drive and evolve brand standards to maintain relevance in the market
  • Quickly step into any role as needed to ensure the work gets completed to the highest of standards
  • Evaluate, hire, and manage outside resources


  • Implemented a method for structuring campaign concept work which created cross department collaboration, more engaged Art Director teams, opportunity for younger staff development, and elevated overall campaign concept development.
  • Evolved a corporate brand standards to be more than a simple logo guideline booklet resulting in a deeper understanding of brand tone, persona, and expectations for teams within the company and external partners. 
  • Established workflows, processes, and testing for implementation and digital integration of a new Digital Asset Management system. This reduced workload for asset managers, allowed for version control of product photography in website, kiosk, company store, and app systems.
  • Spearheaded an initiative to leverage Templates through a Digital Asset Management system which reduced production workload for Creative Team members, reduce production time involved in printing and ordering materials while maintaining brand standards. Ultimately this reduced our dependency on freelance production staff.
  • Developed and automated scheduling system for projects to remove manual steps from the project opening process. This resulted in efficiencies for a recently reduced staff. For this effort I received the Innovator of the Quarter for the division I worked in.
  • Researched and presented market and demographic data to executive level staff which resulted in a mindset shift regarding go-to-market and product offering practices.