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When I first started working on video projects it took me a while to get my mind around moving through a story. I had such a heavy background in print which is much more instantaneous delivery. Now I love the challenge of the set up and payoff that video offers. 

I’ve had a hand in the concept, script development, casting, production and overseeing edits for all the projects here. These range from low budget 5-man crews, run and guns, all the way through to fully produced television spots.

Camp Cambria 2013

This video project involved a considerable amount of make-it-up-as-you-go. A well intentioned marketing manager booked two cameras and a drone to shoot footage for one day at this week long camp for kids suffering from Juvenile Arthritis. The only real plan they had put together was to film the kids in their activities at camp. Ultimately, we needed a promotional video that covered getting kids and parents interested in the camp and tugged at the heart strings of potential donors. 

So with no concept, no storyboards, and no idea what to expect of the crew I arrived with my camp t-shirt on and bug spray in hand. The thing about Juvenile Arthritis is…you can’t see it. These kids looked and acted just like any other group of kids, which doesn’t do much heart string tugging nor does it tell much of a story. On a whim I asked if we could talk to a couple of the kids. We found a quiet grove and just started having conversations with them. Our discovery of the real underlying issue for kids suffering from Juvenile Arthritis became the building blocks for the video.


Camp Cambria 2018 - "I Can"

This 2019 Bronze Adfed award winner in the Integrated Media Public Service Campaign category, was one of several concepts our copywriter and I created as part of a yearly video refresh to support Camp Cambria marketing efforts. In previous years I had been able to be on site for the filming, but for this effort we had a number of competing campaigns so I had to hand over the reigns and trust what was going to come back in to work with in post. Not only did this mean getting all the details and team members aligned with what we needed, but it also meant doling out much more responsibility and trust than I had at that point. It was more than uncomfortable, but the footage that was brought back was a delight to work with and who couldn’t help but fall in love with that little girl…her voice alone is endearing much less her strong will and determination.

Sun Country Airlines - Air Jimmy Commercial

We had sort of ‘stumbled’ into the character of “Jimmy” as part of a previous campaign for Sun Country Airlines. He was originally intended as a nameless, smaller piece of a bigger campaign, but the owner of the airline fell in love with the charisma of the little boy and we suddenly found ourselves trying to build concepts for an airline around him.

Sun Country Airlines - Wreck It Commercial

Travel means different things to different people. The ‘Travel is’ campaign sought to encapsulate the fun and excitement of a variety of Sun Country’s destination offerings. With a modest budget we were able to book end stock footage with a custom set up and close featuring our the established Jimmy character that we had used in several Sun Country spots.

Sun Country Airlines - Making a Scene Commercial

Even though our other Sun Country spots to this point had featured Jimmy in a variety of ways, the owner of the airline kept asking for more. Jimmy, as a character, is built from a mix of Denise-the-Menace curiosity and pure excitement. He is the kind of kid that would disassemble random household electronics to create something new, or get really into magic tricks to impress his friends. Leveraging his non-stop excitement with all the excitement of vacation destinations we built this concept completely around Jimmy and his energy. The owner got lots of Jimmy, the marketing department got a spot that featured a ton of vacation footage, and we got to move on to other concepts…with less Jimmy.

This kid in real life, was fantastic to work with. He could turn on that smile and personality instantaneously and was very patient through every shoot.

Sun Country Airlines - Travel Moments Social

Sun Country Marketing was looking for a way to garner more user generated content through their social channels. They were looking for a fun, upbeat way to introduce the program through a video with very limited budget.

This video features a wide variety of stock footage and audio, and I ended up animating and editing the final version. Ultimately, the look and the ‘Travel Is’ theme became an entire campaign with TV spot, print ads, digital pre-rolls, and email support components.

Sun Country Airlines - Minnesota Wild Promo

As a Minnesota based company, this in-arena Sun Country Airlines promo featured at Minnesota Wild Hockey games was a great opportunity to poke fun at some regional idiosyncrasies. Winter can get a little long in the great white north, and there is a tendency to go stir crazy to a point where you’ll go great lengths for a little entertainment. While it was fun to concept, the reality of shooting in the middle of a Minnesota lake in January was not as glamorous as it sounds. Luckily, we managed this with a very small crew so we were able to get in position and snag the footage we needed before anyone suffered frostbite.