[I don't make things look pretty]

[first class on the glass]

[first class on the glass]

As part of a Sun Country sponsorship of Gophers Hockey, the ask from our Marketing Team was to find ways to be memorable throughout each game in the season. From entrance to in-game moments we had to create enough own-able moments for Sun Country to be remembered post-game.


Starting with the entrance, upon arrival fans walked up the runway to get to their seats. During pre-game warm up a variety of animations played on each of the digital displays throughout the arena.

We created a variety of videos to be leveraged at various points throughout each game. These included simple animations for replays, crowd enhancers, and short commercials for time outs. The seven :15 second crowd enhancers and ten :30 second spots featured cameo appearances from Goldie Gopher, the Gophers cheerleaders, and regional broadcast personalities Doug Woog and Lou Nanne (affectionately dubbed ‘the boys’).


One of the key promotional experiences featured a time-bound enter to win contest. Fans had to submit their information during the first period of the game for their chance to receive a first-class upgrade. Winners were announced before the start of the second period and escorted by ‘flight attendants’ to two Sun Country first class seats where they also received first class food and beverage service. These were actual first-class seats from a Sun Country plane (reupholstered to a bright orange for visibility) which replaced two standard first row, on-the-glass, stadium seats.